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Activate your church to join the Crete Collective in 6 simple steps.

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Potential Member Churches are asked to carefully read our statement of faith and our partnership covenant. We ask that the entire leadership team or a committee of the leadership team read these documents together to be sure they understand them and agree.

Regional Orientation

Churches interested in membership with The Crete Collective are invited to join one of our quarterly interest meetings where we provide more details about our mission and vision, our priorities and values, how we hope to plant and revitalize churches, and membership requirements. This will be a time for potential members to get to know us better and to ask questions. Check out the calendar to see when our next interest meeting is!

We then invite churches that agree with our statement of faith and covenant to complete an online application to join.

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Membership Interview

After the application is received, a member of The Crete Collective will contact the applying church for a phone, video, or in person interview. The aim of the interview is to get to know the applicant better, to ensure theological and missional agreement with The Crete Collective, and to review the obligations of membership.

Sign the Covenant

Upon approval from the membership interview, we ask the elders from applying churches to read the covenant again and, if in agreement with membership obligations, sign the covenant on behalf of the church.

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Board Confirmation

After receiving the signed covenant, the church’s application is presented to The Crete Collective’s board of directors for final approval. Once approved, the applying church becomes a member of The Crete Collective in full partnership with us to start new and support existing churches in neglected Black and Brown neighborhoods.

Join the Collective

The leadership team of member churches are invited to participate in monthly virtual gatherings and occasional in-person gatherings. These are spaces in which we commit to learn and grow together.

We desire to be a true collective in which pastoral wisdom, planting models, training, content, and best practices are developed as we share our lives and ministries with one another. Our member churches play an essential role in walking with the church planters through prayer, encouragement, coaching, and support.

When your application and signed covenant are complete, email the documents to us

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